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Центр МООК



The MOOC center was opened within the framework of the EU ERASMUS+ KA2 585761-EPP projects-1-2017-1-FI-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP EU ERASMUS+ / KA2|CBHE "Enhancing
Competences of Sustainable Waste Management in Russian and Kazakh HEIs
(EduEnvi) and KUTEL "Kazakh Universities to Foster Quality Assurance Processes In Technology Enhanced Learning".

The objectives of these projects include the development and implementation of new electronic educational programs in the higher education system and assistance in the reform and modernization of higher education through the introduction of a national quality assurance system in teaching using innovative technologies, the introduction of accreditation standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure the quality of courses and curricula. nationally and internationally.

The tasks of the MOOC center include:

- methodological assistance in the development of online courses;

- video recording;

- installation and technical assurance of the quality of video materials;

- quality control of technical and general content parameters;

- creation of a database, which stores all the video footage.

- placing online courses on the platform


The MOOC center has 3 rooms for recording online courses, equipped with modern technology. The first room is a studio for recording lectures on the humanitarian direction of the EduEnvi project using light and a green background for effects and changing the background. The second and third studio for the physics and mathematics direction of the KUTEL project. The studio has lighting lamps, a camera and a computer for processing and editing material. Transparent board for writing formulas, problems, etc. using markers filled with special paint. Also, studios can perform any work with regards to video, photo and sound recording.


As of 2021, since the beginning of the year, the center has recorded more than 138 video lectures on 9 online courses, of which 2 courses on the topic "Environmental Risks" were posted on the platform and were successfully completed by those wishing to receive a certificate.


In the 2021-2022 academic year, it is planned to carry out further work on the development and implementation of massive open online courses, their inclusion in the educational process and active involvement of a wide audience of students in open education.


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