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Advancing circular economy in partner countries by development and implementation of Master programme "Waste management"

Project start date Jan. 15, 2021

Project end date Jan. 14, 2024

Project description

Waste management is one of the urgent problems for the Republic of Kazakhstan, because the amount of waste is now increasing significantly. There are systemic problems in the creation of the waste management infrastructure, the lack of qualified specialists. Another serious problem for the agrarian regions of Kazakhstan is the management of agricultural waste, since this area is not taken into account by the existing legislation. In this regard, it becomes necessary to create a new approach to waste disposal. The project aims to develop a master's program in waste management at each university in the partner country, which will be implemented and accredited by all universities in the consortium. The developed program will contribute to the development of a circular economy in neighboring EU countries, ensure mutual understanding of EU and non-EU partners in waste management, help raise awareness of waste and environmental programs, and ensure better waste management in countries - partners in the future, supporting the labor market with the required specialists.

Project Objectives

- raising awareness of the circular economy through the development of new curricula for higher education institutions

- development of master's educational programs in the field of waste management