Ualikhanov University

Shoqan Ualikhanov Kokshetau University is a leading regional university, forming intellectual, scientific and creative potential of an individual. More than 55 years of leadership in the education system

Уважаемые студенты КУ им.Ш.Уалиханова!

В связи с сложившейся в настоявшее время по всей стране ситуацией, связанной с резким ростом цен на арендное жилье из-за массового миграционного въезда граждан РФ, руководство ВУЗа доводит до вашего сведения...



Message from the Rector

Dear readers!

I am opening my personal page to share my ideas and thoughts with you in an open virtual dialogue, to talk about the achievements of the university, to discuss the problems and weaknesses of our organization. Your opinions and advice on improving the University are very important to me. I will try to answer your questions within the framework of state educational policy.

I would be grateful for feedback and interesting suggestions in all areas of university activities - educational, scientific, socio-cultural, economic.

In this regard, I want to bring to your attention that I can make decisions, take actions within the legal framework given to me. I very much hope that work of my personal blog will be effective for all and will influence achievement of the set tasks. I want to note that our communication can take place in a 24/7 format.

Dear readers!